My 20 truths

03 Oct


“It takes strength and courage to admit the truth”-Rick Riodan

1. I am a quirky person and have come to accept that as a fact. Why change what is my true self, many will not understand my “strange” ways but that will not make me change who I am.

2. I have come to realise that I will never be the cutest, funniest, sexiest, smartest, richest or even coolest person even if I sold my soul (which is something I am not even considering doing), but I have special qualities that are unique only to me.

3. I am growing old and that scares me sometimes; more especially the fact that I am way behind what my peers have accomplished. Its not a race and even if it was; the turtle won the race remember.

4. The challenges in my life will never stop me from dreaming and finding ways to make those dreams come true.

5. I am a better person today because I found someone who loves me in the same way that I love him. Love is a lifesaver. I found my strength in this twin soul of mine. He centers and grounds me. Honestly I am calmer since I met him and people have said they see the difference.

6. I believe every soul was placed on earth for a purpose. Mine might be a little fuzzy and unclear but I am doing my best to make sense and  fulfil it.

7. I have touched and made a difference in at least one life.

8. Chocolate, books and music has saved me from a lot of misery. Two friends who never let me down.

9. I am forever grateful for God’s blessings in my life. Sometimes we overlook the good and dwell on all the negatives,  forgetting that there is always a balance. No matter how small the blessings seem, they are actually worth a lot more than all the pain.

10.   I am proud of who I am. I was raised by a strong woman who taught me that giving is much better than receiving and has led by example. Yes I am my mama’s son and nothing will ever change that.

11. I am not the strongest person in the world, yes contrary to popular belief I sometimes need a shoulder to cry on and unfortunately those are few and far between.

12. My faith in God will never wane.

13. I live life one day at a time, there is no rush and I do my best to enjoy each moment (reffer to #3)

14. I still believe in the goodness of humanity. Not all is lost.

15. The suffering I have seen in my travels have made me learn to appreciate the little that I have.

16. Living with a chronic condition has taught me how to appreciate every breath that I take.

17. My mistakes and wrong choices serve as lessons for the journey ahead.

18. There is nothing that can replace the beauty of a child’s smile. I live my kids with my whole heart and sometimes wish I had their innocence.

19. To me beauty is not limited to aesthetics.  Beauty can ooze from within and is more attractive than what is on the surface.

20. I don’t know where this road leads, but yet I soldier on building bridges and paving ways as I go.

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