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Who is to judge?

Who is to judge?

For a first post on a blog called Blaque and Pink, this may come across as rather bleak and heart breaking. I am not one to cry over split milk or ask the why’s and why not’s, but what I see around me lately has made me to ask a lot of these questions.

As far as I know I never chose my sexual orientation and neither did any of the gay folk I come across, most of us have even at some point said “if I had a choice, I would not choose to be gay”. If our sexual orientation is something we never chose, why are we judged over it? Our communities look and regard us as freaks, our families disown us, we are judged, persecuted and discriminated against by the people who should be showing us love.

Never have I heard of a group of gay boys attacking another boy simply because he is straight, neither have I heard of a straight boy being disowned by his family because he happened to be too macho. So why are we treated this way both publicly and behind closed doors? Our lesbian sisters are raped as an attempt to show them that they are women as if they did not know that they were born and are female.

Is this justified behavior from society? Don’t get me started on our right to love and marry whom ever we want to, this is something frowned upon by all religions and in most countries it is totally unacceptable and seems like chances of same sex unions being legal is something we won’t be seeing in the near future if not forever. I am a human being, a man and a lover of men, does that make me different and an outcast because I happen to be sexually, emotionally and physically attracted to other men? Who has the right to judge me in this regard.

The Bible which is the book that Christians regard as the Divinely Inspired Word of God says in 2nd Corinthians 13 v 5 says Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil…. my question is when you planning to kill someone because he loves differently or you disown your child just because he happens to be what you believe is socially not acceptable, is that love.

n.b This post is a result of an incidence I happened to be involved in this week where love was taken back by parents because they found out their son is gay.


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