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Got a bag, will travel


So how is it like being a trainer/facilitator who is almost always on the road. 

1. Having the ability to travel extensively and still maintain a monogamous and serious relationship.

2. Being able to speak several languages so much that I always find myself thinking in a hybrid of every language, dialect or slang I have been exposed to in my travels other than my mother toungue.

3. Freaking out  everytime I wake up in a new room and not having any memory where the hell I am.

4. Realizing I have mastered packing an overnight bag with enough clothes for a week in 15 minutes and still have room for non-essential items.

5. Faking a smile and not freeking out  everytime airport staff and cabin crew greet me like an old friend and ask where am I off to this time because I don’t remember seeing then ever before.

6. Having the convenience of being asked if I would like the same room you had at the hotel/guest house front office.

7. Catching up with people back home via social networks because I talk so much during the day my voice shuts down at night.   

8. Not knowing what day it is because eventually everything becomes a blurr and yet I can do my powerpoint presentations with the laptop off.

9. Social life is a rumour unless you count watching stuff on my laptop because I don’t really know whats on tv lately.

10. Seeing the world and yet not seeing anything, I would kill for a day of doing “touristy” stuff.

11. Missing milestones like my boy’s first word and steps.

12.  Always posting some random blog like this one because I can’t sleeo yet I am tired beyond compare.

13. Having two of everything because  there is no way I am going to get time for shopping until I go on leave. So one item for home and the other for the road.

14. Loving my job so much that I can complain about it with a smile on my face.

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